Posted by: dsduffy | January 11, 2009


Lately I haven’t had too much to say, I feel like if I write about what I’m thinking, it will be very monotonous (weather is great, beach is fun, enjoying time with kids & Craig, miss family, etc etc etc). The only things we are dealing with are the Visa’s and getting the cats here. Will this ever end?

Visa: we originally got a 3 month temp visa (if you do the math, next week will be 4 months since we have been here) and we still don’t have our visas. To get into it would be extremely boring and frustrating, so let’s just say we are waiting and hoping that they come through soon.

Cats: we haven’t seen our furry family members since August. They are currently being boarded in Albany NY at the same place that takes care of the transport. I spoke to the owner of the company the other day and they are still waiting on the permit from Australia. Once they have the permit, they can schedule the flight and they will be on their way down here. Once they are here, they will be in quarantine for 30 days. We have the option to visit them, but I am thinking that would be too hard on us, and I would hate to see them and then have to leave.

January is a very quiet month here in Melbourne – everyone is away on holiday, many stores are closed, the streets are much less crowded and it just feels like August to me. It is hard to adjust to this, since it is JANUARY & all I hear about from everyone back home is how cold it is and about the next snowstorm on its way. Even the weather reports here are confusing, in celsius, it is in the 20’s and 30’s, so again it makes me think it should be cold. We are doing our best to enjoy this endless summer, spending afternoons at the beach, going for bike rides and having bbq’s. Maybe I should just change my calendar to August to trick my brain into thinking it’s summer.


  1. Boy, PJ & Zoe are going to get great gifts from you guys when they finally join you in AU. They sure do deserve them. What an adventure they both are on also.

  2. Wow, I am confused just thinking about this! I have finally gotten used to the time difference but the weather would really mess me up, along with the first day of back to school being in January. Not sure what’s with the Visa’s, and the cats will be there soon, so start looking for a cat sitter so you can continue to do your weekend travel…LOL
    Do the boys ask about the cats?
    Hmmm, you’ll have to come up with a funny Aussie cat photo to take of PJ & Zoe when they arrive….it will be a kodak moment!

  3. I can relate to the Visa issues. Been there. Done that. Whew. Good luck with it all. I hope your fur family can join you soon; I know it would be terribly hard adjusting to a new life, without them. And frankly as much as I enjoy an Australian summer, it is weird when I think that it SHOULD be winter right now. I don’t think I’ll ever really adjust to Christmas in summer and freezing to death on the 4th of July!!

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