Posted by: dsduffy | January 7, 2009

My day with Cameron & I stand corrected

Since it is still summer break and Jake started going to daycare on Wednesdays, I have the next 4 Wednesdays with just Cameron. I cannot tell you the last time I had a whole day with just Cameron, come to think of it, I don’t think it has been since Jake was born almost 2 years ago! I was really looking forward to this and had a whole day planned for us. I’m happy to report that it was a success! Here’s exactly what we did:

Starting at 8:30am: drove Jake to daycare. Drove back home, parked the car in the garage & walked to the corner to wait for the tram. Hopped on the tram and took it to Elizabeth St, then walked around to find a nice place for breakfast. Cameron had his heart set on a croissant, but all we could find were mini-chocolate filled ones, things were going well. We enjoyed our breakfast, (I had the best flat white yet) and then headed over to Melbourne Central to just walk around and wait for our 11am movie time. Melbourne Central is a massive (Aussie term for HUGE) mall, it spans multiple blocks, and is very impressive place. Around 10:30 we went to buy our tickets for Madagascar 2 then headed over to get our popcorn & drinks. This theatre actually assigns seats to you, so it was a good thing we were early, it seemed that we got the best seats in the house. Cameron really enjoyed the movie, except for the scary volcano scene, it was a mere 30 seconds, but that is what he remembers the most. Afterwards, we went to Hungry Jacks for lunch (Burger King, Cameron’s choice!) and had a nice lunch. Back on the tram to attempt to find the Eureka Tower (tallest building in Melbourne). We got off the tram in front of the Crown (Casino/shopping/eating/etc) since I saw the building and figured we could walk from there. We went and got ice cream at the Crown then made our way to the tower. Up up up we went, 88 floors to the top where you could see the entire city, and on clear days all the way to the Yarra Valley. Cameron loved seeing the trains, trams, boats and looking for our house.  After all that, it was around 2:45 and I could tell Cameron had his fill of walking around for the day, so we caught a taxi and headed home. I must have been right because on the 10 mintue ride home, Cameron fell asleep. This was a day I will remember for awhile, it was so nice to be able to spend so much one-on-one time with him and I know it made him feel special.

I stand corrected: a comment was made that the Grampians is considered “the bush” not “the outback” — who knew? (obviously not me) I am glad to know the difference, but now I have to make another trip even further to see the real outback!



  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I would have gained 5 pounds if I had been along! So nice that you have this special time with Cameron. Lucky boy, lucky Mom. Love you, M.C.

  2. What a wonderful day–Cameron is so lucky to have a great mom.

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