Posted by: dsduffy | December 26, 2008

Easy to misread

As humans we communicate in many ways: by speaking, writing, body language, and so on. We all know that even when we are face to face with someone, it is easy to misinterpret what they are saying. I am finding it hard to rely on the limited ways of communication I have with family and friends to really read them, to not “read into” things, or take things the wrong way. Not being face to face, able to read their body language, hear the inflection in their voice makes it hard to really read someone. Maybe their attention got taken away for a moment by something on tv, and I could assume they are bored or just don’t care what I am saying. Or they only had a quick 30 seconds to reply to my lenghty email, not answering certain questions, and that sends me into a whole train of thought “are they too busy for me? Are they mad? Let me go back to my email and see if I wrote something to piss them off?” All these things happen and then I find out that it was all in my head. That I fabricated this whole situation that was never the truth. But without seeing someone’s facial expressions, or looking into their eyes as you speak, it throws everything off. Also being on the other side of the planet, I am finding it is easy to misread things, getting that insecure feeling sometimes, and over-analyzing everything.

I just have to trust what they are saying and not fall into the trap of self-doubt, knowing that NO they haven’t forgotten about me, they are not mad that I didn’t send a Christmas card, and that everything is OK.



  1. I Love You!

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