Posted by: dsduffy | December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas from Down Under

I’m trying to fit in….they do say “Merry Christmas” too, but not as much as I have heard “Happy Christmas”. It feels like they are about to say “Happy Birthday”, it is confusing to my brain. It’s sort of like hearing someone say “Merry Birthday”. And then I said “Happy Holidays” but that doesn’t work either since “holiday” means “vacation”. Not everyone is on vacation, so now I am just going with “Happy Christmas”. 

It was a success! Our first Christmas down here, and our first Christmas waking up in our own house. It was fun to wait until the boys were asleep late last night to sneak the presents down and place them around the tree, and to eat the chocolate chip cookies, but being sure to leave some crumbs as evidence along with an empty glass of milk. We never got to do this before since we were always at family’s house, and I’m not saying I would rather have been at home before, but just being so far away, at least we had this to look forward to. The looks on the faces of the boys this morning was something I will not soon forget: at least for Cameron, he really believes in Santa. Jake is still too young to know what the heck went on today, he just knows that he got some new stuff to play with and a lot of candy. He still associates Santa with “pops” but now also with jellybeans and Elmo books.

We were able to webcam quickly with our families, it was funny to see them all bundled in sweaters and pants, while outside our window families were camped out on the beach, playing in the water. It definitely did not “feel” like Christmas to me, even with the real Christmas tree, the authentic smell of the tree, candy cane ornaments and santa hats, none of it really felt real to me. And Hanukkah? Well, I hate to admit it but we don’t even have our menorah here, it is in storage in the US. We did open some Hanukkah presents, but that was about it…next year. And another thing I’ll do different next year: send out some holiday cards, I just didn’t get around to it this year.  I don’t know if being here another year will make next year’s Holiday season feel any more “real” to me, I guess I will have to wait and see.


  1. Merry Christmas US time!! Sounds like you all had a great Australian Christmas & had a wonderful Christmas morning in your own home! We’re here together … missing you … but having a wonderful time with Lois, Mitch & Nigel and our friends Mary & Rich. We’re about to have dinner, so gotta run! Love you guys!

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