Posted by: dsduffy | December 9, 2008

Modern Conveniences

Things I never realized how much I love: and I’m not saying I want to find them here, or that I can’t live without them:

Nestle Toll House ready-made cookie dough (family size!); Dunkin Donuts drive-thru (not just for coffee, but munchkins, bagels & muffins too); the $1 section at Target; GLAD trashbags (the ones you can’t poke through); LYSOL kitchen wipes (I know, bad for the environment, but just so easy for a quick cleanup); Costco (I have only found Pull-ups in packs of 15 , so I have to spend $17 every 2 weeks on them, very annoying); Paying for Petrol (gasoline) at the pump, I have gotten used to pumping it myself, but then I have to go into the store & pay, leaving the boys in the car by themselves; free trolleys (shopping carts) at the grocery stores here, you have to put a $1 or $2 coin in to get the cart, not an easy task when you are holding a squirmy 22 month old, your “not plastic” bags, and then you realize you cleaned out your wallet the night before because it was getting too heavy; online shopping (I could go on and on and on about this one, think 10 years ago when we still went to stores to shop).

But on the other hand, I am enjoying some of these differences: Going to the “markets” for produce, meats, deli’s, it is all locally grown and you just feel good knowing where things come from; the water restrictions are making me conscious of how much water we waste – and forcing me to change my ways (quick showers, filling sink with soapy water to wash dishes); not having an entire mile-long aisle full of cereal boxes to choose from – here it is 1/2 of one side of the aisle, saves some time making your decision on which to buy; making cookies from scratch – fun to do with a 4 year old & you feel good knowing exactly what ingredients are in them.

There are pros and cons to all the differences I have encountered. I am getting used to life over here, and I’m sure  it will be an adjustment going back to the States as well.



  1. Did you know they are opening a Costco here? It’s going to be down at the Docklands in the City. I don’t know any more details–like opening dates, etc. I’m sure the stock will be different to the ones in the USA, but it will be worth a look once it opens.

  2. Very interesting list. Hmmm, I wonder what things I take for granted that I would miss if I didn’t have them???? It will be great to have them back in your life when you return to the US, but then again there will be things you might miss from AU?? And, no, do not leave my nephews in the car while you pay for Petrol, instead try to fill the tank on the weekend when Craig is with you , or when you are out without the boys…bet you never thought you’d have to schedule this activity!

  3. I didn’t know Target has a $1 section! Are you sure every Target has this??? Also, I agree with Stephanie….don’t leave them in the car alone. I remember you told me that I can never, ever leave the baby alone in a car…not even to drop off mail. Thanks for that advise!

  4. Hi there,

    Since you’re in Melbourne, did you know there’s a store called USA Foods in Moorabin? I think they have a website. It carries all sorts of American goodies. Also, at Northland in Preston, they carry some American treats like Dr. Pepper and Reese’s.

    • Thanks Diane. Yes I’ve been to USAFoods and have bought some stuff…but have found the prices to be ridiulous and often times the items are close to or passed the expiry date! It is nice to see familiar items that I totally forgot about though!

  5. Australian Vs. American Food.

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