Posted by: dsduffy | December 7, 2008

What a day!

I did it!

I did it!

I started off the day with my first ever running event. It was the SUSSAN Fun Run, raising $$ for breast cancer. It was a 10k or 5k walk or run. I planned on running the 5k, even though I have never run 5k in my life. (translation: 3.1 miles) I have done 2 miles but not more than that. But I figured if there was a big group, it would motivate me to keep on going. And it did! I ended up running the whole thing, only stopping for a mere 10 seconds for a quick water break (think table on side of road, people handing out paper cups of water, splashing most of it down your shirt, only getting 2 sips in your mouth) But I did it & in only 36 minutes. 5,000 women turned up for this event, and even though I did not know a single person,  I just felt that sense of camaraderie, and as I passed by people I wondered what their story was, who were they running for – a mother, sister, friend, themselves?  I don’t know anyone personally affected by breast cancer, but I still felt like I was doing good for someone. Craig and the boys came along for moral support, and it was so sweet after I was finished and saw Cameron he said “How’d you do mommy? Did you have a good run?” 

Next part of the day: our first family bike ride! I got an early Christmas/Hanukkah present yesterday: a bike and a baby seat on the back! I was freaking out the first time I rode with Jake on the back, to the point where I was like “no, I don’t feel comfortable with this, I’m not doing this!” But once I got on and realized it wasn’t that bad, we were off! We rode down to Albert Park to the “wooden castle” (huge wooden playground structure) and the boys had a quick play there, it was nice to be able to take a ride as a family – a bit sketchy with all the alleyways & roundabouts with Cameron, but we are getting used to it.

These 2 things, that I did both for the first time today, I plan to continue, and Melboure is definitely a good place for it.



  1. You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud to be your mom. Your heart of gold has made it’s way to the other side of our world. I Love You.

  2. You are truly an inspiration to us all, congrats on your accomplishment!! You did it and will continue to achieve all of your goals. I am so proud to be your sister! Did I say how great and happy you look, a picture says a thousand words, love it!! I continue to look up to you, my little sister…

  3. Wow…VERY IMPRESSIVE! You look like you didn’t even break a sweat! Wish I could have been there to cheer you on!

  4. Aw, my little runner. Soon you will get trapped in the cycle of races. YAY!!!! When is the next race?

    36 minutes is quite impressive.

  5. Awesome job – you should be proud of yourself. Whenever we drive by where I did my first 5K the kids say “there’s where you did your marathon mom”. (I don’t correct them) And that feeling you felt – I had a similar one when doing the Avon walk. It’s amazing.

    Such a great picture to remember it by too!

  6. You certainly are becoming quite the athlete! What a wonderful accomplishment & what a great example for Jake & Cameron. As others have said, you continue to amaze!! Just don’t get too comfortable over there! Love you!

  7. Danielle-
    This is AWESOME! you look great and appear to be jumping right into everything! I have done the Avon 3 day and the 2 day breast cancer walks…I know the feeling of comraderie. It is such a great feeling! Nicely done!

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