Posted by: dsduffy | December 3, 2008


Jake with 2 paci’s in his mouth; Cameron finding a random toy in one of the many boxes and bins of toys, holding it up and proclaiming “I have been looking all over everywhere for this!”; being outnumbered by dads at the playground – on a weekday; buying dill “cucumbers” (pickles); hearing the phone ring in the middle of the night and remembering I forgot to turn off the ringer (Vonage phone) well, it’s not that funny;  Aussie accents – after 2 and a half months of hearing them they still sound funny to me; going to Cameron’s Kindergarten Orientation tomorrow night – it is preschool, but they call it Kindergarten here; reading the newspaper – I scan the pages looking for something that makes sense, I’ll keep trying though; Australian money – no pennies, $1 and $2 coins, .50 coins are huge – bottom line is my wallet is heavy from all the coins; TV shows starting times 8:57, 1:14 and it is not always the same – go figure; having nowhere to hide Christmas presents, Cameron saw a toy he’s been asking for high up in the closet, not sure how to explain this one; the ridiculous amount of toys we now have here, and the fact that there are still so many more back in storage in Massachusetts; Jake’s new favorite word is “cool” – everything is “cool truck, yeah?” or “Cool bike!”; my cookie sheet won’t fit into the oven, it’s too big; going to the McDonald’s drive-thru on the wrong side of the car (well it’s the correct side here, just wrong to me).

That’s all I can think of right now, I’m sure there are heaps more (Aussie term for lots),  and that’s pretty funny too.


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