Posted by: dsduffy | November 30, 2008

Strange December

Today is December 1st. My entire life I have lived in places where I would be wearing a winter coat by now.  December has always meant holidays, cozy fireplace fires, hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, wearing my scarf around the house, dreading getting into a cold car, making crock-pot dinners, big smiles when waking up to a snow covered ground, and loving the clean brisk air – just he way it feels in your lungs. This December, I am wearing tank tops, spending my afternoons at the beach. I haven’t worn anything except flip-flops (thongs) since we have been here. It is just weird to look at the calendar, see the date, then turn my head to look outside and see people swimming in the ocean. It’s strange to see commercials on tv advertising Christmas Sales for t-shirts, shorts, and barbeques, not for winter coats, scarves and snowblowers. It just doesn’t feel right to me.

Our boat shipment has arrived, cleared customs and is being delivered to our house today. 104 items. Some of which includes: skis, winter coats, hats, ski socks, gloves, and snow boots. We brought them along since we will eventually go skiing in New Zealand. For now, they will sit in our storage closet, but seeing them will make me not so much sad (being cold isn’t my favorite thing) but more confused because hey – it’s December, I should be wearing that coat!



  1. Trust me, you are not missing anything with winter in New England. Today it is gray, dark, 45 degrees, drizzly rain. Yuck!!! I would gladly trade a New England winter for tank tops, flip flops, and the beach!!! I’m jealous. Enjoy a little fun in the sun for me, please! 🙂

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