Posted by: dsduffy | November 22, 2008

On the eve of your birthday

Cameron! How did the time go so fast? In honor of your 4th birthday, we were looking back at your baby pics, and your reaction to seeing yourself as a baby is so cute – you get a big smile on your face, all scrunched up, with a tilted head, and in a high voice you say “aw, I was so cute!” Those times seem so far away, living in NJ, in our first house that I know you will only remember through photos. I saw some things in the photos that are still around: your stuffed duck that was so big in comparison to you at 3 months old, your beloved blankie now shredded on the edges and looking older than its four years, your big brown eyes, and smile that melts my heart.  But most of it is gone: the house was sold over 3 years ago, the footy pajamas are packed away for who knows what reason, your paci’s taken away by the “paci fairy”, your chunky legs turned muscular from 3 years of constant running jumping & climbing, and your toothless grin replaced by a mouthful of chompers. But then there are many things, not in any pictures, that remain the same: the feeling of loving you so much my heart could burst, being amazed by the big boy you are becoming, and being proud of the person you are.  You are caring, smart, and thoughtful, you are independent, curious and observant, and above all, you are loving and kind. In these 4 short-but-feel-long years, so much has happened: you moved from NJ to MA, you acquired a little brother, made countless friends, learned to walk, run, climb, roll, hide, color, count, write, ride a 2 wheeler, ride a skateboard, ski, fish, swim, build sandcastles, make brownies and too many things to write. Lately a lot has changed for you and I wasn’t sure how you would react. I know you miss your family, friends, kitties, and bed, but the things you will gain from this are priceless. You’ve shown me that you can deal with change pretty well, and are open to new things. I hope your dad and I are instilling a sense of adventure in you, and spark a love of travel, for I believe it is one of the greatest ways to learn.

Four years my sweet Cameron David, and in your own words: “I’m gonna be 4 and then next I’m gonna be 5!” but try not to rush it, my darling.

What a difference 4 years makes:



  1. It all goes way too fast. My older one just turned 5. How can we slow it down?

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Cameron! Hope you have a great day & lots of fun. ps: Danielle – you made me cry readind this yet again 😦 miss you lots. xoxo.

  3. Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Cameron. You always make my heart sing, and you never cease to amaze me. You are a beautiful combination of your mom and your dad, having all their strong, loving qualities all wrapped up in you! You also are a funny boy, a pint size comedian who loves to have fun and laugh endlessly. And, you are a great Big Brother to Jake.
    For me, it seems like just yesterday your Grammy & I were awaiting your arrival in Riverview Hospital in Red Bank, NJ. We were both so excited and anxious to meet our new little grandchild When your proud daddy came to us and said:
    A Boy! Come and see him. Smiles and tears filled our faces as we ran through the halls to meet you. And, like we felt when you guys were born, it was love at first sight. Enjoy being 4. With all our love, Bubbie & Pa.

  4. Cameron–Happy 4th birthday big boy! You are growing up way too fast. Wish we could be with you to celebrate but since we can’t we will be thinking of you all day. Have a big piece of cake and enjoy your day.
    Danielle–you did it again…thanks for the tears!

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Cameron!! We are so lucky to have you as our nephew and cousin, you are one of a kind! You continue to teach us new things. As you always celebrate your “Thanksgiving week” birthday we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful to have you in our lives, to experience things through your eyes, for the joy you bring to our family, to see your big bright smile on the webcam, and to look forward to your special, big, strong, knock-you-over HUGS! We love and miss you tons and hope your day turning 4 is great! Happy Birthday! Love, Aunt Steshie, Uncle Ted, and Cousins Jason & Jared 🙂

  6. What an amazing little boy our Cameron has become. As you say, sweet, smart, funny, kind and, boy, so coordinated! I’ve never seen anyone that young ride a two wheeler! As Bubbie said, it seems like just yesterday that we were holding you for the first time. What an exciting day that was! Please know, my little Sweetness, how much you are loved! Although we can’t hug you in person for now, we are sending all our love, kisses & hugs to you on your 4th Birthday!!!! All our love, Grammy & Gramps

  7. Aww. Happy Birthday Cameron.

    Danielle, what a sweet note (teary, yes) but so true. I can’t believe he is such a big boy and love that he has done more in 4 years than most people. He is so lucky to have you and Craig as such great (and adventurous) parents.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Maddy wishes that she could celebrate, Australian style.

  8. […] recently read back to last November, to see what we were up to then and came across this post which: WOW already a year has come and gone and here we are at your 5th […]

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