Posted by: dsduffy | November 18, 2008

Tuesdays: my day with Jake

When I signed the boys up for daycare, they had 2 days a week available for Cameron and only 1 day for Jake. So that left me with just Jake on Tuesdays and at first, to be honest, I was wondering if it was even worth it to have Cameron in if I still had Jake. I know, that sounds terrible…and selfish. But now that I spent my first day with Jake, I am so glad it worked out this way. I can’t remember the last time it was just me and him, I don’t think since he was a baby & Craig took Cameron to the movies or something, or when Cameron went to pre-school last year, but that was only for 2.5 hours, not an entire day. Being the second child, you totally get jipped – you don’t get the one-on-one time with mommy, you don’t get taken to Gymboree or playgroups, you just don’t get any individual attention. Being the second child, you’re lucky if you get a regualarly scheduled naptime, or get to watch kids tv shows that are geared for your age.

After getting back into the car after bringing Cameron to his classroom, I looked back at Jake and said “Now what?” I had some errands to run, so we went up to the mall & he got to play in the play area for longer than usual, and as a treat I got him McDonald’s that he didn’t have to share with his brother, AND he got to play with the Happy Meal toy all by himself. It’s the little things, ya know! Then it was time for nap & after he got up, I took him over to the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens – it’s a really neat park on the way back to the daycare. It was fun to explore someplace new with him, just the two of us. And so much easier to keep track of one kid!

All in all, I now look forward to Tuesdays and will definitely plan some fun stuff for us, just the two of us.


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