Posted by: dsduffy | November 17, 2008

Homesick? No, more like peoplesick

I do not miss my home, per sey. Because to me, as long as I am with Craig and the boys I am home. But I am starting to get that sinking feeling in my stomach for missing my people: My family. I knew it was going to happen & I was pretty sure it would hit right around now, since Cameron’s 4th birthday is coming up this weekend and then Thanksgiving a few days later. This morning we were talking about his party and he was asking me who was going to be there, not an easy conversation. Thankfully I was driving and had on those trusty sunglasses. We will defintiely webcam, for sure, so hopefully that will make us all feel a little better (or just send me to the tissue box again). And having a kid’s birthday party is not easy with nobody to help (taking photos, etc) but we will do the best we can. And from his perspective it will be great & he’ll have a blast. And then there is Thanksgiving, yet another American holiday. Just another Thursday here. So we will not be making the big festive dinner that exact day, we will do it the next weekend and I am sure it will be fun & delicious, but just not the same. This evening Cameron & I were looking at some pictures my sister sent me, and it really hit me, I just miss them. I saw a picture of my Honda Pilot in my mom’s driveway & Cameron said “our monster truck! I miss it!” I know, I do too. Oh and then there was a shot of Cameron Jake & their cousins out by the pool and I noticed a Dunkin Donuts cup on the table – man, what I would give for just a sip!  I know I will go through ups and downs, most days just going about our daily routine, but then there are times like this, when I just want to be home – with the ones that I love.



  1. Hi sweetie!! LOVE your blog and the fact that you get to express your true feelings which I can totally understand. Even though I was in the same country, when Dave, Fara and I moved out to Colorado I missed my “back home family and friends” And then when Fara moved back to NY………OY!!!
    I think if Fara had stayed with us, I would have been okay. How lucky you are that you have your children with you and have time to experience them grow up more acutely ….and one on one. You will know them better and REALLY understand what makes them tick. Also, you will feel the strength within you ebb and flow, but afterwards, I bet you will be proud of yourself for the growth you will experience being on your own. Even though you are a very special woman as you are now, you will be even more special when you return to the USA.

    I know it’s hard ( been there, done that and still doing it!!!). Can you imagine what it would be like if there was no email and the webcam!!! You are sooo lucky! And, by the way, I am going to be lucky too, soon. Fara and Roger are getting me a webcam for the holidays so I can actually see my beloved granddaughter!!! Thought you’d appreciate knowing that!!!

    Just a suggestion…….why don’t you celebrate Thanksgiving in your home anyway. Those Aussies don’t know what a beautiful and meaningful holiday it is. Making a turkey is easy! Go for it!!!

    Love, Laura

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