Posted by: dsduffy | November 13, 2008

Oh the things I have seen, part deux

And this is just today: Sunrise (that is not a typo)-the sky & clouds colored pink and peach; the same man changing after his swim in the ocean for the past 3 days-I wish he realized that I can see him and do his excessive drying & changing elsewhere; the look on Jake’s face as he jumped in the pool to me-pure delight; Cameron & his friend at swim class hugging-like they hadn’t seen each other in months; one too many boobs-they are VERY open about breastfeeding here (which is fine, I am just not used to it); Jake drinking his first “babyccino” (frothed milk w/cocoa powder on top, all the kids drink ’em); Cameron & Jake in the shower-Cameron washing Jake with the washcloth & Jake letting him-makes my job easier; about 4,000 flies-watching Jake swat at them on his face, poor little guy.

Bonus! Oh the things I have heard: Cameron asking me if I “had a good sleep” (such an Aussie already!) Jake saying coo-key coo-key coo-key (cookie) and cracking himself up, the boys checking out the bugs on the front living room window, Jake screeching Bugga Bugga! Bugga Bugga!, Cameron “reading” books to Jake-love to hear the stories he makes up as Jake listens intently, very cute.



  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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