Posted by: dsduffy | November 12, 2008

Shoo Fly & Oh the things I have seen

Oh My Gosh. Flies! They are relentless little buggers. And I was just told that this isn’t even that bad yet, they get worse. Worse? What?!? I am not over-reacting. Trust me – you would be freaking out too. I feel like those kids you see on the “Feed the homeless” commercials with the flies just hanging out on their faces. It is gross. Today on my run around Albert Park Lake, I was literally dodging them. Running, pushing Jake in the jogging stroller pram, literally yelling at the G-D Damn flies, looking around at other people, wondering why they aren’t freaking out like me? I guess they are just used to them. ick.

Things I have seen in the last few days: Hot Air Balloons out my bathroom window, Celebrity Cruise Ship leaving Port Melbourne, groups of swimmers training for the upcoming triathalon, a beautiful cockatoo at the lake (white with yellow head crest, so pretty) black swans, kite surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, a guy on a paddle board, a cat on a leash, people I love & miss so much on the webcam, 2 little faces light up when I picked them up at Treehouse (the daycare), the most beautiful sunsets, and lastly: an over-abundance of flies.



  1. That’s funny, and I was just finishing up a post about the flies– yeah, it’s INSANE.

  2. Shall I send you a large supply of Back Woods Off??? At least we know that the bugs are one thing you WON’T miss when you come back to the good ol’ USA! Otherwise, it sounds soooo beautiful! Miss you!! Love, M.C.

  3. Sounds like flies are a good trade off for all the other beautiful things. I was just thinking of hot air balloons yesterday and how I never see them anymore.

    Gourmet is tomorrow night and Whitney and I are on. We’ll have a drink for you and I’ll try to do pictures again. (though it might be difficult since we’re hosting)

  4. A cockatoo not in a pet store cage! Guess that sort of makes up for the pesky flies – we have an abundance of a “new” bug – a stink bug – slow flying fellas, but when you squish them they, well, stink. They seem to grow attached to the same house – lucky me! I found a new friend! What’s with the cat on a leash?


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