Posted by: dsduffy | November 2, 2008

Yet another complaint, or three

I hate bugs. There are more bugs than I have ever seen in my life in Melbourne. And they are not strange, freaky looking things either. They are flies, ladybugs and these tiny little speck things that are covering the windows. (I don’t mind the ladybugs, they are cute) I seem to be the only person bothered by the bugs. I look outside and expect to see people shielded by mosquito nets, or shooing them away, running to their cars away from the bugs. But no – they are all outside, enjoying themselves, not bothered one bit by the flies and such. And these flies are relentless. They land on you and hang out. If you swat them away, they look at you like “excuse me!” and land right back where they were. I walked by a guy and he had about 10 of them just hanging out on his back. YICK. I am grossed out totally by this and apparently I have to get over it. Plus I don’t want my boys to not like bugs, that is just in their nature. I have to toughen up and just learn to live with them. The bugs.

The weekends are going by too quickly. I look forward to it all week, just like everyone else does. But then I feel like Friday night comes and goes and by the time I turn around, it is Sunday night and I am wondering what the heck happened. And our weekends are so different here, because there is no yardwork to do, no house projects to deal with, no parties to go to (this will hopefully change soon!)so we can all be together and do stuff. I also feel like we want to pack so much in, explore and see so many things while we are here.

This is a recurring complaint: I miss my family & friends. Sometimes I forget that they are over 11,000 miles away and I go about my day like usual. Other times it hits me and takes my breath away, and I am glad I have my sunglasses on because my eyes are filling with tears. I haven’t had a complete breakdown yet, and maybe I won’t, who knows. And I know there are people out there who feel the same way about us – like they would give anything to see us (especially the boys) but will wait patiently until it happens. And they also are delighted when the phone rings and it is us, or to get an email with pictures. So with time we will get used to this and the pangs of homesickness will be fewer and fewer and we will be closer to seeing each other again.



  1. Let’s address the bugs first…. I agree, yuk.
    Enjoy your weekends with just your husband and sons. It is a gift for all of you to enjoy.Before you know it, you will all be back to the chores of Suburban life in the USA.
    The missing part… well, the phone calls, the emails and especially the webcam makes us all feel connected and together. You know when you look back at this experience you will realize how very fortunate you all are to have taken this adventure. We love and miss you, but then again, I missed you when you lived in Ma. Heading for the tissues and the ice cream! Love you, Mommy :0)

  2. The bugs were pretty bad in Texas too – big ol’ things that you needed hiking boots to tackle. The flies on the back – what’s with that? Is he an elephant or something? Enjoy having only to “enjoy” the weekends – the east coast leaves and snow will still be here when you get back!

  3. Awwwww…. sending you an internet hug 🙂 We do miss you guys and talk about Cameron at preschool. You are all missed and not forgotten, so remember that! Madeline sends a big ol’ HI to Cameron 🙂

    And what’s up with not trick or treating!?!?! That’s a bummer. They only just started doing that in the UK (where my husband is from) so I’m sure it will catch on over there eventually.

    Robin, Maddie and Ruby

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