Posted by: dsduffy | October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween & another reason I love Fridays

Well who knew – Halloween is not celebrated in Australia! I knew it, but I guess I was in denial, thinking “really? they don’t? come on, that’s crazy talk!” But they don’t . On the morning radio show, they were talking about how much they HATE Halloween and how stupid it is, how if anyone rings their doorbell, they are going to give them sausages or something like that, I quickly changed the channel after hearing that. Well, this is not so easy to explain to an almost-four-year old who has been excited about wearing his Spiderman costume since last Halloween (I am not kidding, we bought it on clearance in the beginning of last November). So he wore his costume today, to his first day at Daycare, and he was the only one dressed up. All I could think about was when I first got glasses and made my mom go with me to school that day to protect me from all the stares of the other kids, and to hide in her leg as the other kids laughed and called me “four-eyes”. I didn’t want him to feel different from the other kids . But he wanted to wear it and it was fine. If anything, it was a good ice-breaker.

So about daycare: the day after we got the call that Cameron will be going to Kinder, I got a callback from the daycare I was desperate to get the boys into. I was on more waiting lists than I could keep track of and was told by every one that there were no spots until next term (January). Well the good news came, and magically I was able to get Cameron in on Tuesdays & Fridays until January and Jake is going on Fridays. It may have had to do with the sound of desperation in my voice as I told Marion “We just moved here, we don’t know anybody and my kids really need to be with other kids, I will take any day of the week, PLEASE HELP ME!”  But she was able to finagle my kids in. Today they went for their half-day, that is what they do with new kids to get them used to it. I unbuckled Jake out of the stroller and by the time I turned around to see how he was, he was gone – already outside, checking things out. When I picked him up at noon he was a bit upset, probably because he was tired and ready for a nap. But his teacher said he did great otherwise. When I brought Cameron into his room he was really shy, locked onto my leg, looking at the floor. I was talking with one of the teachers while he surveyed the room, still attached to me. He finally let go and was off, exploring and finding things to play with. Needless to say, he was fine and happily gave me a kiss when I left.

BIG sigh of relief. Finally the kids are involved in something, able to socialize with other children. Plus I will have Friday’s off to do whatever – you know, cleaning, laundry, cooking (haha) It will be good all around.



  1. No Halloween huh? Guess no Thanksgiving either – oh well, more snack size candy and pumpkin pie for you!! Glad the boys adjusted well to daycare – enjoy your Fridays!! At least try to have a peaceful cup of coffee at one of those neat cafes you wrote about – or sit on the beach with a good book!!

    Bill and Liam are off celebrating the Phillies winning the World Series! Guess they’re somewhere near Broad St. now – it’s very thrilling!!

  2. How cute that Cameron got dressed up for Halloween on his first day of “school”! I love it! Too bad they don’t celebrate Halloween–they have no idea what they are missing!

    Harrison picked out his costume this year–Cookie Monster. I will email you photos. Very Cute!

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