Posted by: dsduffy | October 24, 2008

Just a few observations, and what I think Jake will be when he grows up.

I have noticed this from the beginning, but I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. In America, dads are involved in family life, but not in the way I have seen here. In the US, I have seen dads “wearing” babies from time to time:  on the weekend maybe at the zoo or the mall, and the mother is always there too. But here in Australia? I see dads OFTEN, with babies in slings, Bjorn’s, wraps, by themselves. I see dads pushing strollers, by themselves. Out with the baby, and during the week! I counted the number of dads at the swim classes in the pool with babies, and there were more than 5! In my baby-class experience, it was rare to have a dad attend class, ever. Just a cultural difference. Craig mentioned that maybe the dads are on leave from work, they have great benefits here for families after having a baby, although I am not exactly sure what they are. Or maybe they are stay-at-home dads – more power to ’em!

After my workout at the gym, I went to the cafe for a coffee skinny flat white (I know, huh?) And I was reading the newspaper – 9 out of 10 headlines made NO sense to me. Here are 3 I remember: Bikies fued over shooting (bikers?), Sacked before Surgery (fired?) Muck-up at local school (?). I just kept turning the pages, laughing at the fact that it was written in English, yet I had no clue what they were talking about. Another cultural difference.

Eggs. On the shelf. Not refrigerated? Don’t get that one.

TV shows being “Seriously Fast-Tracked” from the US. Yet they are shows that have already been cancelled or are from at least 2 seasons ago. For example: Shark? I have also seen a big push for Dharma & Greg (wasn’t that on in the 90’s?). 

As for Jake: I think he would make a great Sports Announcer. I am making my bet now. While driving in the car, he is constantly naming off everything he sees. It goes something like this> Choo-choo choo-choo, CAH (at least he is keeping his Boston accent) BUS! Bite! (bike) Nunnel! (tunnel) Shee-shee! (fish in the river below the bridge we are on) Bite! Bite! Bus! OOOHHH DUCK (truck) OOOOOOH Wee woo! And so on and so on. You get the idea. It is definitely cute. And it helps me avoid hitting people in the bike lane, because Jake saw them before I did.



  1. Liam was always using sounds to describe what he was seeing when he was Jake’s age too (he is officially a teenager today – yikes!) and now he is very into sports – stats, fantasy, ESPN – maybe it’s a Duffy trait. Bikies are probably bikers – although bikies doesn’t sound too tough, sacked does mean fired, and muck-up means fight (that’s what I’ve picked up from the BBC)

    Have a good weekend

    Love, Patti

  2. We miss you guys to. Before refrigeration eggs were kept in a cupboard for days if not weeks on end. Don’t forget the chicked doesn’t have ice cubes in there whatever.

  3. The whole egg thing still freaks me out.

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