Posted by: dsduffy | October 22, 2008

Conscious of my self, but not self-conscious

I think there is a difference, I could be wrong. While talking to Cameron at the pizza restaurant this afternoon I once again realized that I am conscious of how I talk. I am not actively trying to talk quiet, or don a fake aussie accent, heaven knows that would make it even more obvious! But I feel like the second I open my mouth, I am immediately tagged as an American. And this doesn’t bother me all that much, but I don’t even know what Aussie’s think of Americans? Do they like us? How do I even find out – ask my new friend at Cameron’s swim class? I doubt she would tell me her true feelings, if they were negative. Or do I just not care, go about my life, not caring what others think. Because once they get to know ME, they can form their own opinions, and if they had a negative view of Americans, maybe I can change their minds.

I have been asked if I am Canadian, how long I am here on Holiday, if I am visiting family. I am not sure how to judge people’s reactions when I say we moved here for a few years. Are they shocked? They don’t seem to be, but what are they really thinking? I will never know, and for now I will  just go on speaking the way I do, pronouncing my “R”s, calling my stroller a stroller and not a pram. Do I have to change the way I talk just because I live here? I think not. Some words may catch on, but for now, I’m not going to worry about it.



  1. Danielle,
    You crack me up! I love reading your blog, although it makes me miss you–our Thursdays are just not the same without you and your boys. Don’t be self-conscious about speaking “American”!!! Aussies will love you because you are terrific (just think…if people in Boston like you even though you are a Yankees fan, Aussies definitely can as well!). I checked with my Australian co-worker and she assured me that Australians like Americans, just not our foreign policy 🙂 No worries!! Have fun!!

  2. Keep talking your NJ talk! Just think – it will always be a conversation starter and you’ll meet more people that way. Just try to find a way early on into the coversation to point out that you don’t like George Bush and you should be fine. I’d keep the Yankee’s opinion to yourself though. 🙂

    I love to read your updates, you’re doing a great job! (updating AND being a mom)

  3. Hi Danielle,

    Thanks a lot for this blog! I live in San Diego with my family (1 stepdaughter 14 2 daughters (3 yrs and 19 months) and a son on the way. My wife has been at home since our 3 year old was born. We’ve lived in various parts of the country (including Boston (Newton)), and I’m finally coming to the conclusion that I really want to get my family out of the U.S. and into a more family-friendly/humane country. All my research tells me that Australia fits the bill, but I would love to get your impressions. I’m specifically interested in Melbourne because I’m in biotechnology, and also because there is a good chance that my brother and his wife (Australian) will move there in year. Any insights you can provide would be very much welcome.

    Best regards,


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