Posted by: dsduffy | October 16, 2008

I swear, you were just 14 yesterday! (and the calendar says Oct 17 in Australia)

Happy Birthday, my sister! I won’t reveal your age, but really, weren’t we just 14 and 10? How did this happen? Time, it has a way of sneaking up on us I guess. But honest, no lie, you don’t look a day over 30, even though we all know you ACT like my mother 🙂 (Remember when I got you a card for Mother’s Day?)

Back in the day, when we were 14 and 10, if someone told us we would be as close as we are now, we would have thought they were looney tunes. We DID NOT get along. At all. It may have been because we were over 4 years apart, or we were just different. But we tolerated each other because we had no choice, we lived under the same roof. But we were so different. And I know I annoyed the living hell out of you, but isn’t that what little sisters are for??

I can’t remember exactly when the tides changed for our relationship, but they did and we got closer and closer. I guess it was when I was in college and realized that you were pretty cool after all. I must have grown up a bit, matured, and came to the realization that you weren’t just my older sister, but someone I could call my best friend. I value your opinion (and you have a lot of them!) and can count on you for anything.

Even though we are umpteen thousands of miles away, I am sending you a big Birthday Hug. You know how much I love you, and admire you. Happy Birthday! Love, your little sister.

You can stop crying now. Go eat some cake.


Look how cute we are! 




  1. To the best sister in the whole wide world, thank you for being you! We have shared so many things together, good times, bad times, funny times and everything in between. I never understood the saying “the same but different”, but I guess that explains us, the yin and yang as my husband would say. We have so many memories of the past and lots of memories to make in the future. It sure is crazy that we were just 14 and 10, and soon my boys will reach those ages. Thank you for continuing to teach me about the world! Now I get to celebrate my birthday for 2 days, a US bday and an AU bday, wait – what day is it??

    I can only hope that through all of the fighting my sons do, that they will one day be best friends like me and you!

    Love the photo – thanks for making me cry and smile at the same time! I know I don’t look a day over 30, remember, I’m only 29. Thanks for sending your love and hugs across the miles. Keep smilin’ Love, your crazy big sister

  2. OK, now I’m crying. It’s so wonderful that you and Steph are so close now … you are both incredible gals! And I know how hard it is being so far away from one another. Thank goodness for today’s technology! Steph – Sorry I forgot your
    B-Day …. yet another senior moment, I guess. Hope you had a wonderful double-day celebration! Love, Carol

  3. You have me crying Danielle! Can’t even imagine how Stephanie feels. Happy birthday Stephanie!

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