Posted by: dsduffy | October 9, 2008

I spoke too soon

Swim classes started today. They are held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center – which I may have mentioned before, but it is truly a state of the art facility. We just happen to live 5 minutes away and that is why we go there. Jake’s class is first, at 10am, I dropped Cameron off at the daycare, changed Jake into his swimmers (they do not say “bathing suit” here) and waited for our class to start. There were 6 moms/kids in the class and the first thing the instructor had us do was introduce ourselves and our child to the group. Wouldn’t you know it – one of the other mom’s is from Canada! She just moved here 6 months ago for her husband’s job and her daughter is Jake’s age. She lives in the next town, and also is a stay-home mom. Needless to say, we exchanged numbers and plan to get together one morning next week. Then, we had 45 mintues between the 2 classes so I took the boys to the Cafe for a quick lunch. At the next table were 2 moms with their kids, I asked one of the mom’s a quick question and we got to talking, her son is also in Cameron’s class and they invited me to meet for lunch again next week before class. That was easy!

During Jake’s class, (after the singing of “Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses” with different lyrics & a 2nd verse I never knew about*) I was trying to figure out where Cameron’s class would be held, I didn’t notice a kid’s pool, and for 3 year olds, they don’t need to be with a parent like with the younger classes and the didn’t mention bringing any sort of flotation device. While we were waiting for Cameron’s class to start, I noticed a lifeguard asking everyone to get out of the pool and then heard a loud beeping, I finally realized that the floor of the pool was raising up – wow! So once Cameron was in, he could stand (I think it was 3 feet) He did great in his class, it was only 2 kids and the instructor. The funny thing though, he insists on wearing goggles and wearing them so low on his head that it makes his ears bend forward, too cute!

What a difference a day makes, I just had to get myself out there to meet people.

*AU version of Ring-a-Ring o’Roses:
Ring a ring a rosey
A pocketful of posies
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo.
We all fall down.

Picking up the roses,
picking up the roses,
Atishoo!, Atishoo!
We all jump up.



  1. I told you that your new friends would just “happen”! I am so glad you’re well on your way to having a fabulous, wonderful experience in AU. Remember to take pictures of the boys at their swim lessons, please.
    Love you, M.C.

  2. So glad you are meeting people so easily! Chloe loves the pics of Cameron int he spiderman costume.

  3. Hooray!!!! Things are getting back on track as you establish a new AU daily routine for you and the boys! I am so proud of you and I knew you would make it happen. Thank you for sharing all of the interesting things, like the floor of the pool and the new version of the song, Jason, Jared and I loved hearing about it!! Knowing that you are happy means the world to us, love you, Stephanie

  4. Wow – no wonder the Aussies were so impressive at the Olympics – our indoor pools are lucky to have decent heaters!!! Cameron will be spoiled with you return to the States!

    The Mahoneys

  5. That’s so funny, because Paul is always singing “weird” versions of kids songs, too. I guess those Brits (and Aussie cousins) probably made them up, huh? So glad you made some new friends. I know it feels like you are the new kid at school and you worry about who will sit with you at lunch, but you did it 🙂

  6. The Aussie song ‘Ring of Rosies’ comes from England’s Black Plague warning to people about the Black Death, and now its a funny kids song lol! Lea

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