Posted by: dsduffy | October 8, 2008

What to do…

Let’s see, it’s the first week of October so that means we have roughly 3 1/2 months until Cameron starts school. Both boys start swimming classes tomorrow, which lasts for 9 weeks, and we just got a 1 year membership at the Melbourne Aquarium. There are countless playgrounds to spend time at, the beach to build sand castles, the Royal Melbourne Zoo, the library, and a bunch of places to explore. Taking the tram into the city, even if we don’t have a destination, is a pretty exciting thing. I think we will be able to keep ourselves busy enough until school starts. I plan on getting involved in a mom’s group / playgroup to meet people.

I know all the ways to meet people, there are tons of activties to get involved in, it is just daunting to me since I did this already only 2 1/2 years ago when we moved to Massachusetts. In a sense it should be no big deal, I’m good at it, but sometimes I just don’t feel like putting myself out there: starting up a conversation with another mom at the playground, having the energy to start the small talk, put on the happy face, asking the same questions (how old is your son? where is he going to kinder? where do you live?). And now there is a whole new aspect: learning the terminology, cultural differences, trying to understand what everyone is saying (yes they speak english, but sometimes it is hard to understand).

I am just missing the easiness of being “home”. Where you can pick up the phone and call a friend to meet at the playground, run into another friend at Target, or look forward to the Thursday afternoon playgroup. Yes this is a great experience, a beautiful place to live, there is nothing wrong with Australia. I do not for one second regret our decision to move. I am just getting a little homesick. Just a little….



  1. You ARE good at making friends! It won’t even seem like “work” …. it’ll just happen! Before you know it you’ll be so busy with friends, playgroups, etc., you’ll be looking for quiet time. Has Cameron been “accepted” in a school yet? You’ll meet lots of Mums then. Love you & miss you, M.C.

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