Posted by: dsduffy | October 2, 2008

Observations while living in the city, from the girl who only lived in the ‘burbs

Not that Middle Park is “downtown” Melbourne, but there is a tram that runs 1 street over, so to me that makes this a city. Growing up in a typical suburb, and continuing to live in similar areas, I am not used to many of things that are here. And most recently living in Massachusetts, the closest convenience store was over a mile away.

The street noise. I am getting used to it, but not really. At 6am I am wide awake, from the whizzing of cars, buses and trucks outside my window. I have to get used to this, and soon. Thankfully the boys’ rooms are at the back of the house and they don’t hear the noise.

Trams. They run in both directions and sometimes have their own lanes, but mostly you share with the tracks. And they stop to let people on and off, just another thing to pay attention to while driving on the left, etc.

Bikes. They have their own lanes as well. Which is good for the bikers, they deserve their own lane. But once again, another thing I have to think about when making a left turn, look out the side view mirror to make sure none are coming. And when they don’t have their own lanes, lookout. Judging distance on the left side is a bit hard when you are driving on the right side of the car. I see why the trams are so popular.

Cafes. They are everywhere. I like this, but I find myself drinking way too much coffee and buying too many blueberry muffins for the kids.

Crossing the street. I still forget which way to look, and find myself looking to the left, when I should be looking to the right. Confused? Me too.

Alleyways. More places for cars to come from. Make sure you remind Cameron to stop at the sight of any curbs.

Walking. Walk on the left. Not on the right or you will bump into a lot of people. Don’t walk too far with Cameron, he gets tired and wants to be carried. Thankfully his bike and scooter are arriving tomorrow (Friday for us) in the AIR SHIPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living with Jake in the city: Funny! He has yet to miss sight of one Tram (choo-choo, choo-choo!) or Bus or even bike. And if I don’t acknowledge what he is saying, he repeats it even more. And then Cameron chimes in, for more laughs. You can see how cute can turn into annoying in rush hour traffic, when there is a tram, bike, and bus everywhere you look.

Food. The selections are endless! Pizza, chinese, thai, indian, mexican, burgers, sushi, fish n chips, coffee, wine bar, bakeries, organic, korean, you name it, you can find it.

Overall opinion of city living: LOVE IT. Very convenient. Can see myself getting very used to it!

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