Posted by: dsduffy | September 25, 2008

I have to stop hugging my laptop to type this

OMG..I can’t believe I endured an entire week without the internet! On top of that, no cell phone or Cable TV either. Can you even imagine? Yea, no – me either. It was brutal. I was able to check my email on Craig’s blackberry, but I am terrible at typing on that thing. I finally got a cell phone, but only could get the “pay-as-you-go” type until I can show proof of residence.
But anyway, I’m back online (temporarily with a wireless card thing that Craig got from work until we get it at our house) and I can update you all on our first week in the house, with Craig back to work.

Things we did:
drive Craig to & from work, thankfully the traffic wasn’t too bad since the schools are on a 2 week holiday (spring break)
took a walk everyday to the beach playground
took the tram to the CBD (Central Business District) “downtown” Melbourne
Made several trips to Kmart, Ikea, Target, Coles (grocery store)
Had a playdate with Cameron’s new friend Will (son of one of Craig’s bosses, lives a few blocks away)
Joined MSAC (Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center) and signed the boys up for swimming classes
Ordered a lot of “take-away” for dinner, can’t cook too much since our air shipment hasn’t arrived yet
Watched movies, read books, did laundry

Things I have learned:
There are only a few things I really need from the air shipment, I am secretly dreading it’s arrival. We have a lot of crap and living without it all for 2 weeks makes me realize we don’t need all of it.
My kids don’t need fifty million toys. We have a select few here and they are perfectly happy playing with that they have, and mostly end up playing in the big cardboard box from the stereo.
Take Jake to Australia & he will eat. Go figure.
The Aussies put margarine on sandwiches, yuk.
I really miss talking to my family & friends all the time, I don’t think I will get used to that.

I am glad to be back online & will be updating more! Hope everyone is well & know that I miss you!



  1. OMG …. I am soooo glad you are back! I have missed you all so much this past week. It was wonderful to hear your voices tonight. I am glad to know who “Will” is. When Cameron told me about his new bunk bed & I asked if I could sleep on the top bunk, he said “no Grammy, Will is going to sleep there.” Happy B-Day to Craig. Hope the birthday card that we spent $26 to get there in 5 days actually arrives! Love to all, Grammy

  2. Yippee! you are back online. You must admit already, that this is certainly the experience of a lifetime. Welcome back onlne. Now you can be in touch with all the people who love and give their support to all of you. Keep those blogs coming. (now I can retire from my “blogging” experience) Love, hugs & kisses to all of you.. Mommy

  3. So glad you are back online. I can’t even imagine how the last week has been for you. Glad things are going well. And glad to hear that Jake is eating. Glad to hear you have already had a playdate as well.

  4. Kids love boxes! I’m glad things are going well – I love reading your updates. Keep them coming!

  5. Again, I am so impressed by your bravado! Look at you driving on the “wrong” side of the road and taking public transportation! In all the years you lived in NJ, did you ever take NJ Transit (not including PATCO)? Kids are so adaptable – as long as they have mommy and daddy, food, and a beach as a frontyard, what else do they really need??

    Take care – Happy Birthday to Craig!!

  6. Thats sooo wonderful to hear. Keep in touch 🙂

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