Posted by: dsduffy | September 25, 2008

Be Patient, it will be worth the wait!

I know, I know, I feel the same way all of you do. When is Danielle coming back online to share their experiences with all of us.  To begin with, the air shipment that was supposed to take a week or so, still hasn’t arrived and then has to go through customs. Imagine 600 lbs of “stuff” going through customs. They are also awaiting their Internet connection at home. So for now, Danielle asked me to relay the message that she wishes she could be “blogging” us all and promises to be in touch as soon as she is connected.  She also does not have her home phone hooked up nor does she have a cell phone. All of that is being worked on as we sleep..(you see, when we sleep, they are on a new day). It does take some getting used to. Craig’s birthday is on Friday the 26th, but I guess it’s our Thursday when it’s their Friday.  So, please be patient, stay tuned and keep checking the blog.  Danielle wants to communicate with us as much as we want to hear from her. Happy Birthday to Craig, hugs and kisses to Cameron & Jake, and Danielle, we will be “reading” you soon.



  1. Blogging Bubbie, Soccer Bubbie, what’s next?? This sure is a lesson in patience, waiting for their stuff, phone, computer, toys, “goldfish”….!! It’s amazing how we have become attached to our phones and computers. I have to quote Craig’s recent email to me on 9/25/08: “Things are very good here and probably even better now that we got the cable hooked up today at the house! Danielle’s been going a bit tech stir crazy being so disconnected so hopefully TV helps a bit.” Hopefully the kids will soon have their toys so they will have more than just a cardboard box to play with. 🙂 Just proves you don’t really need much stuff to get by?? I know Danielle is out and about exploring and keeping the boys busy. Can’t wait to hear from them again soon!! Love, Aunt Steshie

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