Posted by: dsduffy | September 20, 2008

I am just the messenger…

I know everyone is so excited to follow the journey of Danielle, Craig, Cameron & Jake in Australia, but they will be without Internet connection for just a little bit. They have moved into their new house (with the amazing view of the beach & sunsets at night) and have to wait for their cable connection to be installed. I certainly hope it happens soon, because everyone loves reading this “blog”.( I wonder if it’s like our Comcast when they say they will be there between 8am and 5pm) I hope the connection comes this week, and it would be absolutely wonderful if their “stuff” was delivered this week too! They are all doing so great . Seeing their “stuff” soon will put a big smile on all of their faces.  For one thing, the gates will be very welcome at their house with all the steps.  I am not surprised that Cameron & Jake just go with the flow. They have parents that have taught them extremely well. Soooo, in the meantime, just know that they are thinking about all of us, and before you know it, they will be “blogging” once again….

By the way, this is Danielle’s mom a.k.a. Bubbie.  I have added the “blog” term to my vocabulary now. Wonder if it is in the dictionary? Anyone know?  Can’t wait to hear the continuing updates of their Australian adventure.  Don’t worry… THEY’LL BE BACK!



  1. Thanks Bubbie for the update. Hope they are nothing like Comcast. Or they will be without internet for a long time. Hopefully the cable companies in AUS are more together than the US ones!

  2. Good job, Bubbie!! Hope you’ll be able to add more comments in the interim if you are able to speak with Danny via Craig’s Blackberry. Poor Danny is so cut off …. no cell phone & no computer now! Do you know when the Vonage setup will be in place so we can call them on a land line? Their “new” home looks incredible and I’m sure will look amazing once they are all settled.

    By the way …. this is Craig’s Mom, a.k.a. “Grammy”. Love to all!

  3. Lois–If you speak with Danielle soon tell I think about her often and can’t wait to speak with her. When will her phone be turned on???

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