Posted by: dsduffy | September 19, 2008

First week wrap-up

One week ago today, we started this adventure from the US to Australia. We packed our bags, watched as our house was packed away, made split second decisions on what to send in the air shipment (which HAS NOT arrived yet) or on the sea freight or to be put in storage, not to be seen for 2-3 years. “We don’t need this, right? Oh – just stick it in storage, well, on second thought – put it in the sea freight pile, I might need it…” We sold one car and shipped the other down to my dad in NJ, filled out the change of address form “what address do we put if we don’t have one yet?”, packed and repacked the carry-on bags a zillion times, filled out umpteen thousand forms (Visas, Health insurance, 2 leases, cat transport contracts, moving insurance forms) all while trying to keep 2 toddlers fed, rested and entertained.
Then on to the travel part: rental car, hotels, airports, customs, gates, public bathrooms, do we have enough diapers for Jake, we have to take pictures of this, what the hell time is it?

And now we are here – in a temporary rental house, which is not Jake-proofed (there is a chair blocking the staircase) but in a great town with tons of restaurants and shops. And we have shopped till we dropped, literally. We have been to IKEA 4 times & still have to go back again next week for the kitchen table & chairs. We have dragged the kids from store to store, telling them, just a little bit longer and we will go. The house is almost ready for us to move into, even though our stuff hasn’t arrived – did I mention that yet? It is due to arrive next week, but then has to go through customs, which who knows how long that can take. So all the things we need right away, are not here right away, but I am going with the flow, what other choice do I have?

I threw caution to the wind and took the wheel, drove BY MYSELF in fact, and survived. And I only went to get into the passenger side to drive once. And on top of it all, I went through the entire week without a cell phone. Not that I have anyone to even call, but still. The kids have slept in 4 beds in 1 week, all without complaint. I haven’t cooked one meal (unless PB&J counts?), have only done one load of laundry, made friends with the lady who works at the corner store by our house, and survived one week without Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (for the boys, not me).

But this, it is all worth it, for this:

View from our house

View from our house



  1. What an amazing, exhausting week you have had! Hopefully, by next week you’ll be settled and your air shipment will have arrived. The important thing is that you are all there safe & sound. We love you & can’t wait to see that fabulous view for ourselves. Are we allowed to send you Goldfish?Hugs, Mamacita

  2. Wow, you have done more in the past week than some people do in a month’s time. But you did it and you did it well. So glad to hear the boys are just going with the flow. Hope your stuff arrives very soon.

  3. As Aunt Carol said, let us know what you can’t get there (and can’t live without!) and we will be happy to ship it – if it means I will continue to be entertained while reading your blog, I’ll be happy to do it!!

    You’re awesome!


  4. I knew you had an “S” underneath your clothes. Stay strong Superwoman. We love and miss you all!

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  6. I love reading your blog…you are amazing! Stay happy…your “stuff” will arrive soon. If not, continue to shop!

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