Posted by: dsduffy | September 16, 2008

Getting settled

Our furniture is being delivered today, we got Jake’s crib set up, and plan to make a trip to the electronics store to get TV’s, Dvd player, clock radio’s, telephones, fridge, washer/dryer, microwave, toaster oven….all the essentials.
We took the boys to the house yesterday, they seemed to like it, Cameron was doing cartwheels in his room, Jake was playing peekaboo in his closet and all was well until Jake ran face first into the floor-to-ceiling window in the family room, he was running toward it to see the boats and smack! He is fine, and I think he learned his lesson pretty quick because the next time he walked toward the window, he had his arms out like a zombie.

Things I have already learned: don’t order a “long black” coffee (it has 2 shots of espresso…too much for this girl), I have to back into the garage in our new house (this should be interesting), it’s not easy to order milk at the McDonald’s drive-thru, you have to walk on the left side too, my kids are very adaptable, I can live without a cell phone (but not for much longer).

Family events missed already: 1 (Happy 3rd bday to my neice!)



  1. Glad to hear you arrived safely – please continue to share all the new lingo – it’s funny to read! Also, send your address when you are settled in the new house – and let us know if there are any necessities you can’t live without (e.g. bags of DD coffee!)

    Love to all

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