Posted by: dsduffy | September 10, 2008

Moving, day one

Ok so it wasn’t that bad. Really. The kids were great, Jake even took a nap in the midst of all the madness. We The movers got a LOT packed up, about 95% of the stuff that is going on the boat that will take up to 3 months to arrive. It was hard to decide what to take and what to banish to storage…really hard. But I think it is all working out as best as it could be. We sold my truck last night & I already am tooling around town in the minivan rental car. We are staying at a hotel tonight, since all our bedding, etc has already been packed up. 2 more days and we are off!!!



  1. Glad you guys survived day 1. Hope the next few days go just as smoothly!

  2. OMG … I don’t believe you have time to blog with all that’s going on! Hope you plan on keeping this blog going on the “other side”.

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