Posted by: dsduffy | September 9, 2008

The worst part about leaving

Is saying good-bye. I hate good-byes…I would rather just say “see you soon” but in this case, it is not true. Soon is a few weeks, maybe a month or two. But not knowing when exactly you will see each other again, man that is tough. We have many ways to stay in contact these days through seeing pictures, talking on the phone, emailing, webcam-ing, but no gadget or photo can take the place of a good old fashioned hug. I knew this would be the hardest part, but now that I have officially said good-bye to all of my family (parents, siblings, neice & nephews) it is really hitting home.

I can leave this house, the cars, and be fine with it, but it is times like this when you realize that stuff is just stuff and people are what matter.



  1. Having gone through the “goodbyes” a month ago, I knew how difficult today would be for you to say goodbye to your Mom & Dad. The realization of your departure in 3 days has now really set in for all of us. We will miss you all so much, but are so excited for you as you embark on this new, great adventure. Safe journey, my loves.

  2. I saw your status on Facebook and started to get sad. I knew exactly what it meant. Our goodbyes were in July. But I still can’t help but get weepy. I am so excited for you guys (and jealous)! But at the same time, I can’t believe we aren’t going to see you guys for a long time 😦 xoxo

  3. Yes, saying good-bye is the hardest part of this wonderful adventure you are all beginning. Just know that each one of you are taking a small part of my loving heart with you to AU. The strength you and Craig exhibit is beyond any expectations I could have imagined. What a fantastic example for those 2 adorable little boys that are taking this journey with you. I guess this is what “priceless” really means.
    With all my love, all the time, Mommy ;0)

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