Posted by: dsduffy | September 9, 2008

Step Two

Since we can’t take our cars with us (they drive on the opp side of the car) we have to sell them. Thankfully my parents are in the business and are able to help out – they are driving my truck back to NJ and we will have Craig’s transported back on Thursday, if we don’t sell it ourselves by then. The logistics are probably the most frustrating part of this move – but we are working it out. We’ll pick up a rental car (minivan) which we will need anyway to get to the hotel Thursday night and ultimately, to the airport on Friday.
I packed the boy’s suitcases and am working on mine, it is not easy to pack for 2-3 months….especially since the weather in Melbourne is changing from winter to spring.

Next step: movers. Arrive in 2 days. House turned upside down, try to fit naps and meals in somewhere. Comfort 3 and half year old when he sees his toys gone.

** we got the house! It is literally across the street from the beach…has the most beautiful views. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a little courtyard in the back and is walking distance to the school and shops. We just have to stay in the temp. house for a week or two until our furniture comes in.


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