Posted by: dsduffy | September 3, 2008

We might as well go to Disneyland on our way

Things are coming along – I THINK – I hate to say something like that and then bam! The shit hits the fan. But we are putting our application in on yet another house. It is actually the first one we saw when we went to Melbourne back in June & we loved it. Now that we have seen others and have “lost” them, our perspective has become clearer. This house just came back on the market, so maybe that is a sign too. If this goes through, then we can move right into it when we get there and not have to stay in the temporary furnished house. We’ll find out for sure in a day or two if we get it!

Since we are staying overnight in LA on our way, we have all of Saturday to do whatever. And guess what is just a shuttle bus ride away from LAX the airport?? Disneyland!! I know, it sounds crazy to me, in the midst of all the travelling, to make a pit stop to see Mickey, but hey – why not?!? Plus it will be great fun for the kids, and a good way to spend the day, and tire them out for the 16 hour flight to Melbourne.

More updates on the house to come, and maybe even some pictures! Did I mention it is right across the street from the beach?



  1. This location & townhouse look perfect! I hope it comes through for you so you don’t have to move twice! I can’t believe your move is only a week away!

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