Posted by: dsduffy | August 26, 2008

Thoughts: On Change

(partial definition from Webster) to make different in some particular way; alter; to make radically different; transform; to give a different position, course, or direction to; to replace with another; to make a shift from one to another; switch

The majority of people I know say “I don’t like change, I don’t do well with change, change scares me” But aren’t things changing all the time in our lives no matter what? We get older, the seasons come and go, we paint rooms, buy new couches, lose jobs, graduate, get a haircut, make a new friend, lose something we love. Maybe we don’t realize how much we do like change, but are just apprehensive to make the decision…is that it? Are we more comfortable with things that just happen TO us, but not with choosing it on our own.

I know someone who agonizes over decisions, [I am not saying who…you know who you are :)] and I love this person for it, it is who they are & it also makes me feel important when consulted on which shoe to buy. But me, I am able to make decisions pretty easily on things, I usually go with my first instinct, it saves time that way. We made the decision to move to Melbourne over a few months, but I made it in my mind about 30 seconds after the idea was first brought up.

Yes, change is scary, the thoughts about how things will be different, how you will adjust to it, and most importantly, if you are happy with the change or not. If you embrace changes, you find things that you would not have if you stayed the same. Meet new people, learn about the world. Taking a chance and just finding out what is on the other side of your decision is what life is all about.



  1. OK – now I’m crying – you are such a mature, thoughtful, selfless woman – how proud I am to be “related” to you – everything seems to be falling into place for you – you definately have your priorities straight – we wish you a safe trip, good health and happy memories – can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!


  2. OK … now I’m crying, too. What a fabulous adventure you will be going on …. I will miss you all so, but wouldn’t want you to miss this great opportunity. I know it is so overwhelming to coordinate everything that needs to be done before you leave, but you are one amazing woman!! So proud to have you as my daughter (in law)! Love you, Mamacita

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