Posted by: dsduffy | August 23, 2008

At least we have furniture!

We may not have a place to put it all, but we have a whole house worth of furniture! Craig went to Freedom furniture (I am thinking it is the Pottery Barn of Melbourne) and ordered everything…bedroom set for us & Cameron, couches, coffee tables, etc. I bet he had a blast picking it all out with the salesperson… “I’ll take one of those…2 of those, mmmm maybe that over there, ummm are you getting all of this?” Once we have an actual address, they can deliver it.

We found a great house also, but he has been unable to get in to see it. It is in the perfect location, so he just put an application to the realtor and we are once again, crossing our fingers that they accept.

As for our house, we have renters! The lease is drawn up, we just have to have our attorney look it over and add some things, then we can sign it! They want to move in 9/15, 3 days after we move out, so that works out great. Whew!


  1. We are so happy for your & Craig. Please keep us informed. We love hearing what is going on and how
    things are progressing. G-d works in strange ways, but it all works out in the end.
    We love you and will miss you all.
    Aunt Arlene & Uncle Fred

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