Posted by: dsduffy | August 12, 2008

One month…the countdown begins

We are flying out September 12th, today is August 12th, so if my math is correct, that leaves us 1 month to get everything wrapped up and outta here. Stressed? Me? Nah…it will all get done (that is my new mantra)
Craig leaves this Saturday for Australia for 2 weeks, and will hopefully get us a house & furnish it as much as he can. We have our eye on a place in Port Melbourne, so if it looks as nice in person as it does online, it will be the one. We are still showing our house here to people to rent — have one family interested but of course they have issues (who doesn’t?)

These next 4 weeks will be busy! I am just looking forward to the moment we land in Melbourne, when the flying part is over!!!


  1. Wow! August 12th was a rough day for Joe and myself. We had gone up to MA to babysit while Danielle went to FL for a “girls’ weekend” and Craig went to a wedding (Fri.) and an overnight bachelor party on Saturday. Leaving Tuesday morning and saying goodbye to our son, Danielle and those two sweet boys was so sad … since we have no idea when we will see them again. I think we all thought it best to just have a “quick” hug, kiss and “I love you” so none of us became hysterical (could easily have happened). So sad to say “goodbye”. We will miss them so.

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