Posted by: dsduffy | July 31, 2008

24 hours

He really is a sweet boy, my Jake. But put him in the car or an airplane and you will see another side of him (does he get that from me?) When we discussed moving to Australia, honestly my biggest concern (besides being so far away from family/friends) was “how the hell are we going to make the flight with Jake??” I don’t know if he has motion sickness, or what his issue is, I will ask him as soon as we can talk….but it is just the way he is. Maybe that is why I am not stressed about the move itself, all my worry is focused on those 24 hours on the 747. It will be interesting….I know I should probably not buy trouble and worry, but I can’t help it. I will be prepared with lots of snacks, stickers, toys, movies (he doesn’t watch tv though) Benadryl, Dramamine, lollipops, muzzles (come on, I wouldn’t do that!) and a dozen paci’s. Hopefully I will be armed with enough to amuse him and/or put him to sleep.

But really, he is so damn cute!



  1. Our younger child is nicknamed Captain Chaos, and I was also far more concerned about the trip here and anything else in moving to Australia. I don’t know how yours went— but ours totally was way better than I ever thought it could have gone.

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