Posted by: dsduffy | July 22, 2008

Random thoughts

Seeing my family and good friends this weekend was just what I needed. I know it is going to be so difficult not to see them as often, and not talk to them as often (the time difference will make it hard) it was comforting to know that everyone is so supportive.

Tackling the to-do list, I think it gets longer everyday, I start to do something, but that makes me think of something else I forgot, so I have to add. Eventually, it will all get done. Right??

Packing for a 2 year vacation, that is what it feels like….if we pack something away in storage that we didn’t mean to, oh well!

Can’t take any appliances with us, plugs / voltage are different — have to buy everything (alarm clocks, coffee maker, hair dryer, toaster, etc….you get the idea) That will be a fun shopping spree!

Kitties — we are pretty sure they will have a good home to go to for 3 months, in MA, so they don’t have to stay in Quarantine for 4 months…whew! Trying to explain to Cameron why the cats can’t come with us will be interesting….maybe I’ll tell him they are going on vacation.

That’s all for now….


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