Posted by: dsduffy | July 9, 2008

Taking the first step, of many

One of the things on my longer-than-long list of things to do before moving, is getting the cats ready to be “imported”. Australia has a very strict import policy: “Cats and dogs entering Australia must meet all of the AQIS import conditions prior to export. This is to ensure no exotic diseases are introduced into Australia. Australia is free from many animal-related diseases found in other parts of the world.” (from the AU Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry website) They provide an extensive checklist of things we need to have in place to get them there. I swear, it iseems like it s harder for my kitties to move than it is for us!
So today we took Zoe in for her microchip, blood tests, and shots. PJ goes next week and if we can figure out how they can stay in the US for the next 5 months, they will only have to spend the 30 days in the quarantine facility in Melbourne, which is the minimum for all dogs & cats.

And on another subject, I found out that we can take our Massachusetts phone number with us to AU, we just have to transfer our service to Vonage. How amazing is technology!

And now, for the daily dose of cuteness: (you can click to view larger)


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