Posted by: dsduffy | July 7, 2008

Coming out

When the question was asked the first time, my immediate response was “I am not saying no.” And every time since, I have always said yes, that I want to move to Australia. Not once have I said no. And honestly, I never even thought “no”. I thought “I’ll miss my family and friends so much”, “that is really far”, “how will we survive the 25 hour plane ride with the boys”, “what should we bring”, “what the hell time is it there”, but not once have I thought “no, I don’t want to go”.

I sent an email out to a lot of friends with our exciting news, which makes it more real. And not one person has had a negative reaction (how could they, it’s Australia!) And having people’s reactions be so positive has made me even more sure that my answer is the right one.

This has no relevance to the above, just some cute kids:


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